Hello! My name is Fen Halyard and I am a speculative fiction writer. I read all things genre fiction and I write fantasy. For me, the best stories have always been those I can escape to – mysterious realms filled with enchanted creatures and magic-wielding characters – and when I’m not lost in them, I’m attempting to write some of my own.

I studied fantasy literature at the University of Glasgow, an experience I cherish immensely for deepening my understanding of and appreciation for the genre.

When I am not nose-deep in stories – whether someone else’s or my own – I enjoy board games, calligraphy, and travelling.

Should you wish to follow along on my writing journey, you can check out my Instagram page for more recent updates!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I don’t share personal photos here and on my social media, Fen Halyard is my pen name!